August 23, 2016


What is Kino Kabaret?


Kino Kabaret is a film making workshop lasting several days, which gathers film makers from all over the world to create short, low budget (or no budget) films. Under one roof you will find amateur and professional film makers with diverse professions, nationalities, ages and gender all creating films with almost no financial means! The emphasis is on effort, creativity and enthusiasm and having a healthy dose of fun. The idea of Kino Kabaret is based on creative approach, mutual help, share equipment, exchange and confrontation of ideas in a non-competitive environment.


The idea itself was born in Montreal in 1999 (Check it out HERE) and from there the concept spread over the ocean quickly and these days there are more then 60 Kino Kabaret CELLS. The produced short films are then screened at the regular screenings of Kino Kabaret cells all over the world and are streamed HERE,  and the calendar of all kino events in Europe is HERE.


How does Kino Kabaret work?


You can apply HERE, then think of a short film project (max. 7 minutes)

which you would like to shoot, or you can join some other film crew created on the spot during the workshop. You can attend as a director, scriptwriter, DOP, actor, boom operator, editor, gaffer, musician, composer, animator, producer, make-up artist, costume designer, an assistant in any area, or as a mere hang-around morale booster. You can also alternate roles and jobs in several productions even within one session, but especially over several sessions. Nothing is mandatory and (nearly) everything is possible. The Kino is the place to try out things that you never had the opportunity to before and find peer support and feedback for it. Any other creative support is always welcome during the short film productions.


There is a time limit of approx. 3 days (65 hours) each session for all participants.


On the first day all the participants gather in the Kino Lab (Auróra). There they present their film ideas to everyone, as well as announcing their requirements for their films, such as film crew, actors, props, locations and basically anything they might need. The crew will be formed shortly after all the other ideas have been presented and written down. If you do not have your own script you can always join another crew. However, having your own project and your own equipment is a big plus.

After the presentation, the film teams are made in a quick flurry of random networking and the shooting starts. The second day is dedicated to shooting and post production in the Kino Lab. The third day should be for finalising your film and in the evening of the same day the finished films are screened in a cinema, for all participant AND a paying audience.

Kino Kabaret is divided into 3 three-day sessions, each of the sessions production time lasts approximately 65 hours and the film screening is after each session. Usually participants spend the Kino directing one main film of their own in one of the sessions and then helping out on other productions in various tasks. The idea is that everyone supports and helps each other. We help each other, the Kino is not a competition.

The operating language of the Kino will be English. However, you are free to make your films in any language you feel like, but you will need to subtitle any film not made in English.

If you have any questions, please contact us via contact form or at








April 19th (THU):

arrivals of kino participants

12:00 – registrations open at Auróra

14:00 – meeting at Auróra – bicycle orientation trip around the city with foreign participants 

19:00 – welcome party and introductions at Auróra

 1st Session (April 20th – 22nd):

April 20th (FRI):

9:00 – breakfast at Auróra (breakfast is served for participants for free, everyday, during the workshop at Auróra from 9-11:00)

10:00 – 1st production meeting – pitching film ideas, scripts, creating crews

Afternoon – Shooting


April 21st (SAT)

Shooting continues and continuing to postproduction at the Kinolab (Auróra)


April 22nd (SUN)

Postproduction at the Kinolab (Auróra)

18:00 Deadline for films delivery

20:00 Screening at a cinema in Budapest (to be announced)


2nd Session (April 23rd – 25th):


April 23rd (MON):

9:00-10:00 – registration of new participants, breakfast,

10:00 – 2nd production meeting – film scripts and ideas presentation and creating film crews

Afternoon – Shooting


April 24th (TUE):

Shooting continues, postproduction


April 25th (WED):


18:00 deadline for the films

20:00 Screening at a cinema in Budapest (to be announced)

3rd Session (April 26th – 28th):


April 26th (THU):

9:00-10:00 – registration of new participants, breakfast,

10:00 – 3rd production meeting – film scripts and ideas presentation and creating film crews

Afternoon – Shooting


April 27th (FRI):

Shooting continues, postproduction


April 28th (SAT):


18:00 deadline for the films

20:00 Screening at a cinema in Budapest (to be announced)

23:00 afterparty with music at Auróra


April 29th (SUN)

Cleaning kinolab, and chill out together at Auróra


Participation Fee

The participation fee is 6000 HUF (18 EUR) per 1 session, if you participate in 2 sessions it is 12 000 HUF (36 EUR) and for the full three sessions of the Kino it will be 15 000 HUF (50EUR).  Participants will be kindly asked to transfer the registration fee in EUR via Bank transfer / Paypal, upon confirmation of their application (more details will be sent to you with the confirmation email to your application). As an alternate solution, per request, the opportunity will be to pay the participation fee upon arrival to the Kinolab in Auróra, at the registration desk.

The deadline for payment and thus securing the place for foreign participants is 20th March 2018.

The fee covers organization costs and includes breakfast and free entry to the cinema for the screenings.



In the tradition of Kino Cabarets world wide, we try to accommodate participants arriving from the countryside or abroad, at the homes of willing local participants. This system has worked for years at Kino’s all around the world. We hope to be able to offer this option in cooperation with Budapest resident participants in Kino Budapest as well. However, as yet, we cannot guarantee this to be an option for everyone. On the other hand Budapest has very affordable hostels and airb’n’b accommodations. These are up for the participants to arrange for themselves.

Auróra (Kinolab) has a bistro/cafeteria on the premises, with extremely affordable prices for lunch, and even light alcoholic beverages. 

The organizers are not responsible for damage or theft of your equipment. Please label your equipment and keep an eye on it. We will provide a lockable room to keep your equipment safe though.


The partners of the first Kino Budapest 2018 are: 

Kino EuphoriaKino PrahaNisi Masa – European Network of Young CinemaDAAZO és a