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Kino Kabaret comes to Budapest

The fourth edition of the KINO BUDAPEST film making workshop will be held from 16th APRIL to 25th APRIL 2020. The event will be hosted at PATYOLAT, a cultural event center, an amazing venue in the heart of Budapest. The deadline for participant’s submission is APRIL 6th, 2020. Altogether 80 filmmakers, actors and artists will be selected for participation.

Why should you join?

Do you want to shoot films in Budapest? Do you want to meet filmmakers from all over the world and make new friends? Do you want to be a film star for a while or try out any film-profession? Do you want to see your film on the silver screen of one of Budapest’s arthouse cinemas? Do you want to experience a little bit of pressure while shooting your film in 65 hours? Do you want to have an unforgettable experience and have it memorialised in your short film forever? If so…

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About Us

The Kino Budapest team is a group of inspired filmmakers and artists, dedicated to make Budapest a part of the Kino Kabaret network: a world wide network of like-minded people, participating in our filmmaking workshops, and contributing to independent film all over the world.

The fourth Kino Kabaret Budapest is co-organized by Kino Praha - – Prague based film NGO and Euphoria Borealis – – Helsinki based film NGO, and sponsored by, (HU) and ASEAN based team of branding, web and video experts.

The main objectives of Kino Budapest include organizing Kino Kabarets and international film seminars, lectures, conferences and film screenings, establishing cooperation between Hungarian and international film organizations, training courses, also short-term and long-term volunteering projects with audiovisual theme.

Kino Budapest Team

Our team of inspired organizers and creatives who work hard to make Kino Budapest 2020 happen.

Mara Jelinko

Organizer – Kino Budapest

Carlos Marroquin

Organizer – Kino Budapest

Mathew Erdo

Ágnes Berczeli


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